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2040 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3E1

General Contractor

Kindred Construction




The 13,000 SF Pyrrha Headquarters project involved the restoration of a 3-level heritage house and the construction of a new 6-storey mass timber infill tower to house jewellery manufacturing.

A conservation plan for the 1909 heritage house was developed to temporarily transport the existing building off-site until the underground and tower construction was completed. A new raised foundation was constructed for the house, and then it was transported back to the site and repositioned into place over the new foundation. Because the house is a Class C Heritage House, all efforts were made to retain or match the original features.

The CLT structure is a platform-frame construction of panel-on-panel design, incorporating large panel spline connectors, CLT floors, and an elevator-stair core. The tower was designed to meet Zero Carbon Building (v2) certification and includes sustainability features like geothermal heat exchange, View Dynamic Glass, and material reuse.

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